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If developing a marketing plan to sell your home in Maine sounds like too much effort – you’re in luck! From determining your home’s value to navigating the stress of closing day, the home selling process is complex and full of potential pitfalls for the unsuspecting homeowner. Regardless if you’re a first-time home seller or a home selling professional by now, it always helps to have someone in your corner ready to step in when you need it most. That’s why RE/MAX® is here for you every step of the way.

With our home seller’s guide, you can feel more supported than ever by the local Maine real estate experts at RE/MAX® Collaborative. Whether you’re selling a home in Western Maine, Northern Maine, Southern Maine, or Coastal Maine, these home-selling tips will help you get the most out of your investment. Let our trusted agents help navigate you through the process and answer any questions you may have. When you’re ready, give us a call at 207-403-9125 or connect with one of our agents online.

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Maine Home Selling Tips from Our RE/MAX® Experts

Step 1: Choose a RE/MAX® agent

Working with a real estate professional is the quickest and easiest way to make your home selling process a success. At RE/MAX® Collaborative, we offer cutting-edge technology and comprehensive marketing strategies that effectively and efficiently guide you through the home selling process. We understand the nuances of the market and can work with you to determine a competitive and fair price for your home.

RE/MAX® Collaborative agents are qualified professionals here to make the home-selling process work for you. Our agents are here to be your advocates, so allow us to do what we do best and we’ll help sell your next home with no hassle to you.

Step 2: Prepare your home for sale

Before you can list your home, your home must be marketable. There are many individual steps that need to be taken when it comes to preparing your home to sell, and it all comes down to developing a strong marketing plan and defining your goals. For instance, if your home needs repairs that can add value to your property, you may want to consider taking care of those first. Finding out that a home has foundation issues or water damage during a home inspection can often turn potential buyers off. Taking care of your home will not only ensure that you have longevity with the property but that the property will have longevity itself.

Although you may want to avoid any major or structural changes, cosmetic changes such as a fresh coat of paint are low-cost ways to better your home’s image for buyers. Your RE/MAX® agent can work with you to help identify updates that may help increase the value of your home.

Step 3: Determine your home’s value

Before you can set an asking price for your home, you must first determine what your home is worth. The value of a home is determined by and affected by several factors. While online estimates can be a good place to start, your agent will be able to provide a more accurate estimate based on local market trends in Maine, the condition of your home, similar sold and current listings in the area, and more. Equipped with the insight and knowledge of the Maine real estate market, your local experts at RE/MAX® Collaborative will find a fair value for your home. To get a free home worth estimate, you can start by filling out our online form and an agent will be in contact with you.

Step 4: Accept the offer

Perhaps one of the more stressful times for a home seller, waiting for an offer to come through can feel like waiting for a watched pot to boil. Once an interested buyer puts an offer on your home, your agent will caution you to consider your options before making a decision – either you can accept the offer, reject the offer, or counter offer. A buyer’s offer may be lower than your asking price, or in cases of a bidding war you may have multiple above asking price offers submitted.

During this stage, it is more crucial than ever to listen to the advice of your RE/MAX® Collaborative real estate agent. With their knowledge and expertise, they will know best how to navigate these situations and will help you get the best offer for your home. Once you have decided to accept an offer, you’ll be officially under contract! During the due-diligence period between signing the purchase agreement and closing the sale of your home, your agent will explain the conditions, provisions, and obligations of your contract.

Step 5: Close on your home

Closing day has come! Otherwise known as the home stretch in the home-buying and selling processes, this is the end of your journey and marks the transfer of ownership from you to the new homeowners. With all the heavy lifting over with, your agent will help you sign the paperwork that gets you ready to move on to your next great adventure.

How to Sell Your Maine Home with RE/MAX® Collaborative

RE/MAX® offers online tools to make the real estate process go smoothly so you can achieve your goals now more quickly than ever. Combined with their knowledge and expertise, our RE/MAX® Collaborative agents have access to advanced technology and marketing strategies they need to sell your home.

Want to know more about how to sell your home in Maine? Call a RE/MAX® Collaborative agent at 207-403-9125 or fill out our online form and get the help you need to sell your home now!

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